Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Post Op: Laproscopy and Hysteroscopy

I know so much more today than I knew yesterday, and for that I am grateful.

1. I definitely had a uterine septum. It has been removed.
2. I definitely had (have) endometriosis. It has been lasered away.

This is going to be a very clinical post, not only to document the surgery for myself but to hopefully help others know what to expect.

I was put under general anesthesia with a breathing tube. They put the breathing tube in after I was out, and took it out before I came to, so besides a scratchy throat, I was never aware of it.

For the Laproscopy, a small incision was made right below my belly button. I have a bandaid covering it, so it is likely quite small. Depending on what the doctors find from this cut, they will make further incisions to help clean away any endo.

I had two additional cuts made right above my pubic line, and to the far right side of my abdomen (possible connection to "possible partial blockage of right tube" that was my first infertility diagnosis ever in 2008?)

These incisions did hurt when I first woke up, but they did give me my first dose of vicadin and that helped right away.

I also had a Hysterscopy to deal with the Uterine Septum. Since a septum was discovered and cut away, a balloon catheter was inserted into my uterus and blown up so that the lining can grow back in correctly. The catheter line is taped to my thigh and is larger than I was expecting. I am anticipating having to wear a long belted sweater to my speech on Thursday with loose pants, so that it is not noticeable.

Strangely the most pain has come from my shoulder and ribs. They have explained that this discomfort comes from all the gas (I am guessing from the Hysteroscopy). This apparently puts pressure against nerve points that make your shoulder ache. Sounds weird, but its true.

I will learn more next Tuesday at my post-op appointment where I will also get the catheter removed.

I am curious to know my doctors honest opinion on how much these two factors have had on my infertility. Should we try "naturally" for awhile?

At this point I am still planning on doing a cycle at CCRM in August, but of course I will be praying for a miracle in the meantime. This process has given me back a little bit hope.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bad Blogger **Updated**

Yup that's me. I apologize for the hiatus. My job has been crazy. I've been traveling for work to exotic places like Southern Illinois!

No offense of course. If I look out my bedroom all I see for miles is cornfield too.

Anyways. Nothing new has happened. EXCEPT! This girl:

Celebrated a BIRTHDAY! Woohoo. Just multiply those candles by 10 and add 1.

Look at how freaking cute I was! Shouldn't I procreate? I think so too.

31 seems so much more depressing than 30 for some reason. I was still so close to 29 you know? Those optimal baby making twenties are now far out of view. Sigh. Obviously, infertility has sucked all joy out of birthdays.

On Monday, I will have both a Laproscopy and a Hysterscopy done. I will have a uterine catheter taped to my thigh. Lucky for me I get to drive 6.5 hours to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan two days later to give a speech... with a catheter taped to my thigh.

Let me tell you how excited I am about that. I am keeping my fingers crossed that these procedures do not leave me in too much pain. Any experiences out there?

Thanks for the concerns on working so soon after the procedure. Unfortunately, its a little too late to back out of the work commitment now. However, I did convince a handsome younger man to drive me so I can relax on the drive. (Yes, my husband likes to point out the fact I'm 4 months older than him from the March-June period. It's a special time for him.)

Now we just have to hope that I can operate a computer and projector while on Darvocet, and speak without any obvious drooling or lapse of consciousness.

Oh and Happy St. Paddy's Day to all! You might notice that I am a fan of all things IRISH and typically I'd be elbows deep in Guinness. But this year I'm taking a break from the shenanigans due to oldness and tiredness. So it begins.