Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Post Op: Laproscopy and Hysteroscopy

I know so much more today than I knew yesterday, and for that I am grateful.

1. I definitely had a uterine septum. It has been removed.
2. I definitely had (have) endometriosis. It has been lasered away.

This is going to be a very clinical post, not only to document the surgery for myself but to hopefully help others know what to expect.

I was put under general anesthesia with a breathing tube. They put the breathing tube in after I was out, and took it out before I came to, so besides a scratchy throat, I was never aware of it.

For the Laproscopy, a small incision was made right below my belly button. I have a bandaid covering it, so it is likely quite small. Depending on what the doctors find from this cut, they will make further incisions to help clean away any endo.

I had two additional cuts made right above my pubic line, and to the far right side of my abdomen (possible connection to "possible partial blockage of right tube" that was my first infertility diagnosis ever in 2008?)

These incisions did hurt when I first woke up, but they did give me my first dose of vicadin and that helped right away.

I also had a Hysterscopy to deal with the Uterine Septum. Since a septum was discovered and cut away, a balloon catheter was inserted into my uterus and blown up so that the lining can grow back in correctly. The catheter line is taped to my thigh and is larger than I was expecting. I am anticipating having to wear a long belted sweater to my speech on Thursday with loose pants, so that it is not noticeable.

Strangely the most pain has come from my shoulder and ribs. They have explained that this discomfort comes from all the gas (I am guessing from the Hysteroscopy). This apparently puts pressure against nerve points that make your shoulder ache. Sounds weird, but its true.

I will learn more next Tuesday at my post-op appointment where I will also get the catheter removed.

I am curious to know my doctors honest opinion on how much these two factors have had on my infertility. Should we try "naturally" for awhile?

At this point I am still planning on doing a cycle at CCRM in August, but of course I will be praying for a miracle in the meantime. This process has given me back a little bit hope.


  1. Aw, sweetie. Hooray for hope! It's all we've got, ya know. ;-) Thinking about ya.

  2. Oh gosh! I am glad you got some answers! That must feel so relieving. Hopefully that was all you needed to get you that baby.

    Good luck with your follow-up appointment.


  3. I still look at my little scars from my lap where they found my severe endo...my little 'war wounds!' :) I hope that this provides some answers!!

  4. thanks for the post and following my blog! It is so reassuring to hear of several others that have done the same protocol (and that it helped). I'm so sorry to read that you are not pregnant though. But glad they found your reasons! I really thought they'd know about a septum by looking at ultrasounds?? Did they suspect one? I suppose I'll have to read some of your older blog posts. Looking forward to getting to know you. By the way you are follower #50 on my blog!!! :)

  5. Teresa - glad you found me on my new blog! OH and that's great that you are all cleaned up now!!! Very interesting about the baloon catheter! I never knew that was an option. I hope your speech on Thursday goes well. I've heard about the pain from the shoulder area. From the gas, right? Hope you heal quickly. I'm praying for a natural miracle for you too. Hugs (Tippy, aka Kathleen)

  6. I'm so glad both procedures went well! I've heard so many stories with happy endings for people that have a lap, so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. At the very least (or most), you're taking care of things that will make the cycle at CCRM that much better.

  7. I have those scars too, they've actually been re-sliced and re-stitched for the same surgery....battle scars, I call 'em. I'm thrilled that so much was accomplished with this procedure for you and I'm hoping you feel better soon. Take it easy; it sucks you have that speech too.

    The gas was used for the lap, they expanded your abdomen with C02 for better visualization. The gas is leaving your body and sometimes causes shoulder and chest pain. My doctor said I'd probably "fart" it out. That made for a very awkward conversation.

    Best wishes for your recovery!

  8. That would be great if removing the septum and endometriosis makes natural conception possible. And I'm glad to hear they inserted the balloon catheter. I didn't have one, but I was told before my fibroid surgery that that was a possibility to make sure the walls of the uterus didn't stick together during the healing process. Sounds like you are in good hands. Happy healing :)

  9. So glad all this at least resulted in some new info and the removal of the septum and endo. Thanks for the detailed info. I may request a lap at some point the future, and it is good to at least know what to expect.

    Feel better, and good luck!

  10. Glad you were able to get some answers. And maybe even a solution, too! Hope this finally does the trick for you.

  11. None of that sounds fun by any means, but I'm glad you have more knowledge now than you did pre-surgery! Did you find out which stage of endo you have? You may want to consider having an endometrial biopsy before your CCRM cycle to see if you have the beta-3 integrins needed for implantation. I am a stage IV endo sufferer, and I opted to skip the biopsy after a scheduling error and still incorporated the treatment into my protocol. The treatment is two months of Depot Lupron between ER and FET. There is apparently a link between lack of the beta-3 integrins and the presence of endometriosis, so that's why I'm suggesting this! Best Wishes!