Friday, February 11, 2011

Anticipating Delays

Whew. Its been busy around here. I just got back from Texas and was disappointed to find everything appeared to be of normal size.

No matter how much I bitch about having to travel for my job (sorry N8). I do enjoy airports. I love people watching. My favorites included:

1. An absolutely beautiful British woman and her equally beautiful daughter. They were having the cutest conversations and she had a gorgeous long green jacket with an inlaid flower design that I was salivating over.
2. A Texan man on the shuttle bus, who boasted loudly about his apparent video work with the Superbowl. I think he was trying to impress the lady sitting next to him. It was pretty amusing.
3. An ~50 year old woman with the most amazing length of blond hair down to near her knees that was very carefully barrel curled. She was also wearing stone wash Brittanica Jeans and a Winnie the Pooh Sweatshirt. I was fairly certain she hopped a plane from 1983.

Now you will all think that people are staring at you while you are at the airport, and you would be right. I will be the moody looking 30 year old wearing an old band t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt pulled over her head, and ipod buds; looking like I think I'm cooler than I really am.

In infertility news, I have been scheduled for my UTE Cut-up on March 21st. I was kind of pissed that they had me wait to schedule until my period showed up only to delay me another month and inform me they'll have to put me on birth control. They couldn't have done this last month because.....

On Monday I have my consult with CCRM. I am pretty excited to spend my Valentine with Dr. Surrey @ 6:30 p.m. EST. I think I'll light some candles and pretend its a real date. I mean he may end up knocking me up so the least I can do is light some candles right? ...

Happy Valentines Day to all of you. I hope you all hug your loved ones tight.


  1. I am excited to see how this appointment goes. Oh, and you should totally bring him some chocolates or something and as him to be your valentine. Get things started off right!



  2. i love your sarcasm... happy valentines day to you too. and looking forward to hearing what they say at C.C.R.M

  3. Ha! Please don't judge Texas by the airport--and don't judge it completely until you've seen Austin :)
    Happy Vday with Dr. Surrey--I hope he gives you some great information!

  4. Good luck with your consult. I hope he can help you figure things out.