Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to Plan B

Last October, when I got that final call confirming that my 2nd IVF attempt had failed, I moved straight on to Plan B.

Plan A = get pregnant, have baby.
Plan B = something to look forward to if Plan A does not work.

After 2 failed attempts, I find that having a Plan B helps get through the despair of a failed cycle, of never getting to meet the human potential of those beautiful embryo pictures. 

Last October, Plan B came in the form of Butters, a labradoodle puppy that I had picked out from a breeder website.  It took awhile to get N8 on board.  He was allergic to dogs and never really wanted pets in the house.  We compromised by finding a dog that was "allergy-friendly", and that was according to N8 "something useful, not one of those damn yip dogs".

Today, Butters turns one year old!  We celebrated by hoping on our hind legs, burying bones in the couch, and singing jarring renditions of Phoenix songs.  (Did I mention I work from home, and as a result have become strangely close to my dog??). 

So...anyways.  Happy Birthday to my Plan B.  Your goofy smile has soothed my heartache, and I am so happy you will be with me in the coming months.


  1. Hi Teresa, thanks for your comment on my blog. We are still working on Plan A, but we implemented Plan B at the start of this year too and we got a Golden Retriever puppy - such a good plan and at times as much work as kids! My Plan C if babies don't come is to move to the country and get a fuuny farm with all sorts of furr babies. Good luck with your up and coming cycle, I will pop back and see how you are getting on!

  2. Hi, Just wanted to drop by and tell you I'm new to the IF blogging world also and Ill be following your journey.

    It nice to be able to follow someone from the start and feel every high and low with them I think.

    I wish you the best of luck! x

  3. Here's to Plan B. Mine was to buy a car I couldn't really afford.
    Come visit my blog. It's part of my non profit. We always need help spreading the word. Become a follower.