Thursday, January 20, 2011

Uterus of Doom

Imagine if you will that you are a young couple having trouble conceiving, you go through the normal tests, hormones, HSG, Saline Infusion Sonohystogram, etc.

You go through almost 3 years of poking and prodding, 3 years of changing your schedule, inconveniencing your work place, 3 IVF's failures, so many thousands of dollars that thinking about it makes you gag.

Only to find out that one of those routine tests wasn't very clear and they want you to do it again.

Sure. What's one more test right.

You might guess where this is going.

The Saline sonogram they did last week revealed a prevalent Uterine Septum.

I had to call them (since I haven't heard anything) to find this out. I will be scheduling a surgery to remove the septum as soon as my next cycle starts.

I wavering between anger that this wasn't discovered sooner and hope that this surgery may give us some kind of answer.

You know you are a desperate infertile when a nurse says the words Uterine Septum and you feel a bit of elation! That's something! Thats not unknown! Thats removable!

Where's the scapel lets get this uterus CUT up!


  1. I'm glad you found out, but that is not acceptable that you are just finding out now after 3 IVFs. I had a similar situation with a uterine polyp, but my RE actually knew about it and just THOUGHT he had removed it. I didn't find out until after 2 IVFs/miscarriages.

    Hope your surgery is a success :)

  2. Well I'm angry FOR you! Argh! Next step - get out the septum. Step after that - get knocked up and have your baby!!!!

  3. UGh I can't believe they missed that! But I'm glad they can fix it.

  4. How maddening! Sorry you will need the surgery, but it sounds like you are trying to see it in the best possible light. Best wishes!

  5. ARRRRRG doesn't even cover it. I can't believe they didn't catch this until now. Let's hope that this is your silver bullet and you will get knocked up ASAP>

  6. I can't believe this was missed for all this time! Hoping this will be the big fix that changes everything in the best possible way.

  7. a friend of mine had this same thing happen. 3 yrs before they figured it out. now her RE says he thinks she could get pg on her own. glad they found it! hope yours gets fixed soon :-)