Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Left me thinking..well, WTF?

I'm not a huge fan of my current RE. I found today's meeting extremely annoying.

He started out wanting to make clear that Donor Eggs were our best option for success.

He Repeated: Is that clear?

Forcing us to mimic.."Yes, that's clear" Guh.

After asking him about a possible PCOS diagnosis, he started to dismiss it, so I started spouting facts.

On both IVF 2 and IVF 3 I had a ton (over 20) measurable follicles. I almost hyperstimulated on this last one. I've had a least one Day 3 check where my LH was twice as high as my FSH. BUT, most of my follicles are immature.

He dismissed this, but since I have apparently NEVER been tested for male hormones, I have a new blood test to test for this. I'm sorry, but isn't this routine? Why haven't I had this done before?

Also, he said I never did a Saline Ultrasound Thingy. I definitely did one 2 years ago, but he must not have the paperwork anymore. So, he asked me to stay and have one done that day.

The Nurse that did the ultrasound did not say much so I'm not sure if everything looked normal for my uterus, but she did take some pictures of my ovaries and when looking at my left ovary mentioned "looks polycystic". And she was right. The ovary (which is usually hard to see) had a pearl necklace ring of follicles around it. However, the right looked normal, with one fat follicle growing in it?

Since I seem to ovulate and have relatively normal cycles, I probably do not have typical PCOS, but it still bugged me that he was so easily dismissive of it.

He wants me to wait to do IVF again. And repeatedly mentioned that he sees couples get pregnant naturally all the time even after doing treatments. I was seething by this point. I'm 30. I don't have fucking time to waste doing nothing. We have been trying "naturally" for almost 4 years. Something is wrong. Find it.

Oh I forgot. We know what's wrong. My eggs suck. He also said "Clearly there is an egg issue" OVER AND OVER AGAIN. He likes the word "clearly".

He wants me to gets some more tests done and do a Lap to see if I have any endometriosis. I often experience spotting prior to my period so I am concerned about that. The suck factor is that if they don't find any Endo during my Lap, I have to pay for the procedure out of pocket. If they find it then my insurance pays for it. Seriously, fuck you insurance.

I was extremely frustrated after the meeting and feel like a complete failure. I got the distinct feeling that my RE was giving up on me, that he doesn't really want me to come back there for an IVF with my own eggs.

I will be happy to make his wish come true.


  1. Wow. "Is that clear?" would have made me want to say go screw yourself.

    And, if he's so convinced the eggs are the problem, why does he want you to go through all the other stuff?

    Is there any hope to find another RE? Ugh.

  2. oh gosh! i'm so annoyed for you. i want to scream at your RE for not thinking more about this. why wait to do another VIF? i'd say get a second opinion if you can find one. ugh!

  3. Yeah, he sounds like an a**. My second RE told me we needed to use donor eggs while he was transferring our embryos. I wish I would have got up off the table and walked out right then (after my embies were safely transferred to my uterus of death, of course). If you can, I have to also say that a second opinion is in order. Sorry things are crappy right now.

  4. There are far too many doctors in the world to continue with one you feel uncomfortable with. Good luck as you work through all of this!

  5. Please find someone else if you can. You deserve to see someone who wants to help you. I say, ditch him if at all possible.

  6. Simple. Find a new RE. What an idiot. Sounds like you have very PCOS-like symptoms, I would get a second opinion. x

  7. Most doctors will tell you that donor eggs are your best otion. Because they are. There's usually a 60% chance of success with donor eggs. But, that doesn't mean your eggs have NO chance. Just a lesser chance per cycle. You are young. You make eggs. Most likely the quality of the eggs is due to the stimulation. Would you consider doing natural cycle IVF? Maybe all of these drugs are bad for your eggs. This RE sounds like a jerk. It's time for a new one.

  8. Even if the guy is right, he need not be such a jerk about it. I hope you're able to find someone more compassionate without causing any unnecessary delay!

  9. i do not like your RE (jerk!) and i am also not convinced it's an egg issue. second, third, fourth opinions are in order. you're much better off somewhere else. man, i'm mad about that guy!

  10. I echo everyone else--new RE. Pronto. I'm so sorry you had to go through that.