Friday, November 5, 2010

Body Snatcher Alert

Day 8 ultrasound was a bit anti-climactic.  On the right I had a 15, 14, 13, a couple of 12.5, and a bunch of smaller follices.  13 follicles in all on the right.

My left ovary continued to play hide and seek.  She shows up but only when the wand is impaling other organs that I'm pretty sure I need.  I actually had to ask Nurse Probby to dial it back a few notches, and I can usually take pain like a champ. What we could see showed a 13.5, and a couple of 12's.  She thinks there are more but we couldn't get a good enough look to measure.

My nurse just called and due to my E2 level of 2,100! (color me shocked, I've NEVER had an E2 level of 2100 and I once stimmed for 17 days)  has decided to take me off of Menupur and I will only be doing 150ml of Follistim tonight.

I am so confused.  I have searched for pods in my basement, just in case I have been invaded by some alien being without my knowledge, but to no avail.

I am now worried about OHSS and my doctor canceling my cycle.  My E2 seems way too high for the number of follicles I currently have cooking (though its true we can't see all of Lefty).

On a good note, they want me to come in for a scan tomorrow.  My normal office is closed on weekends so I have to drive over 1.5 hours away to get to an open clinic.

For now I just need some hope that my follies will continue to grow without my E2 going crazy, or myself for that matter.

If anyone reads this and has any past experiences or advice, please share.  I am in need of reassurances tonight, or a heaping dose of tragic reality if the case may be.

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  1. Sadly, I have no experience to share about stimulation going TOO well, but I'm very excited for you! I hope this is IT!