Saturday, November 6, 2010


Coasting.  Brings to mind lazy summers with calm pools of water supporting my weight while cottonwood seeds float around me.
In actuality, it means the my E2 level is so high fluid may cut off my ability to breath, causing severe pain and vomiting.

So, after today's scan one of my follicles has taken off at 18.5, then rest are all below 16, with a large chunk at 11.  We finally got a good look at Lefty and discovered she's been hiding due to the shame of only have about  4 measurable follicles.  I am worried.

I am worried that the rest of the follicles will not pick up the pace.  That again, I will get a batch of mostly immature eggs.   Tonight I take my last dose of FSH, then I am cut off completely on Sunday.  I didn't even ask for my E2 level.  I was a little afraid to know.

Monday will hold more answers.


  1. In anxiety mode with you until Monday. Hope there's good news in store!

  2. I'll I've got for your are virtual ((((hugs))).