Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 3 Transfer

Well, I got the call this morning to come in.  I was a bit crushed we didn't make it until Tuesday.  In fact, I was sure we'd come in there and have doc tell us we have jackshit to put back in, but why not try with a couple of low quality embabies. 

I think I felt this way...well, because its happened twice before.

However, things weren't all bad news bears.  Out of the 8, 5 were of good quality on day 2.  Of the 5, 3 looked promising today, so doc decided we might as well get these 3 in today.

Today we transferred a 6-cell embryo, an 8-cell embryo, and a 10-cell embryo.  They were all described as beautiful. 

Fun fact, when I got into the room, they said they had 2 6 celled and a 10 cell, and one of the 6 cells divided into 8 cells prior to the transfer.  I think it was trying to impress its Mommy.  I was suitably impressed.

I feel good.  This was our most promising cycle and our best chance yet, so I am going to use all the positive reserves I have left to think good thoughts about  this cycle.  Thank you all for your support and well-wishes!


  1. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for your embies to get all snuggly and cozy for the next 9 months! They just needed their mommy!

  2. wow, overachievers already! 3 day transfer just means they get to be back in your dark warm cushy ute and out of the lab. sounds good to me! good luck!

  3. Those sound like 3 great embryos for transfer! Good luck!

  4. Hi ~ Thanks for stopping by my blog and wishing me well. Hope you get good news in a couple of weeks!

  5. Wow, how cool to have one of your little ones grow bigger right at that moment. Hoping that it will continue to grow so it (or they!) can end up safely in mommy's arms.