Saturday, November 13, 2010


Of the 17 retrieved, 10 were mature.  Of the 10 mature, 8 were fertilized.

I am very happy with this result.  Its not perfect, but given my history of pretty dismal, pretty good seems perfect to me.

I find out tomorrow how my 8 are doing.  I am nervous.  I have never had a great looking embryo.  I am hoping there is at least one in there, dividing all prettily, anxious to become my baby.  Depending on how things look they'll either have me come in tomorrow, or they will hold off until Tuesday.  That I have a chance of making it to a 5 day transfer is definite progress.

If all else fails, I think we have at least found a protocol that gives us a good batch of potential, and I am grateful for that.

Will update tomorrow!


  1. Those are great numbers! My fingers are crossed that you make it to a 5 day transfer. Thanks for the post on my blog. It is great to have someone just a few steps ahead of me. Hopefully your good news will rub off on me!

  2. I have everything crossed that you make it to a day 5 transfer and this will be your month. Thanks for your welcoming post on my blog:) Good luck!!

  3. The numbers look fantastic! Hoping that the embryos will look fantastic also!

  4. Grow, 8 beautiful embies, grow! FX for a day 5 transfer! I'll be following along and sending you lots of positive thoughts!

    Oh, and thanks for your comments on my blog!