Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fun with HCG

Ever wonder how long it takes for the HCG trigger shot to be gone from your system?

My lovely husband has created the following program to calculate the exact time it should be out according to the product's line of a 1/2 life every 33 hours (this claim is made by the Ovidrel website).

Of course, the prevailing wisdom is that approximately 1000 hcg is processed every 24 hours. Which is a lot different than a 1/2 life of 33 hours. So, this estimate is extremely conservative.

**Edit: Apparently the following is only currently working using Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, sorry Firefox. Input your Date and HCG concentration in IU. Ovidrel has claimed a 1/2 life of 33 hours, please review the website of your particular brand to see its published 1/2 life. The mimimum is the amount of HCG in your system that would produce a positive. I have input 10 has a good base.

Start Date, Time
HCG Start Concentration (IU)
HCG Half-Life (Hours)
Minimum Threshold (IU)


  1. Wow...I love that. And it actually worked in Firefox for me! I triggered on Friday night so based on the calculator it should be out of my system by Tues 11/30. That's always good to know as I'm heading into the dreaded 2ww.

    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Here from ICLW :) What an handsome little calculator you've got set up here! Best of luck with IVF #3. Sending you all the sticky baby dust I can muster.